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Saturday, August 18, 2018
E-Mail is a powerful way to instantly reach your audience. Whether your goal is informing, educating, marketing, or simply communicating, Send and Respond makes it easy to quickly build, launch, and manage successful e-mail campaigns. We provide you with the perfect solutions to…
  • Create and publish e-newsletters
  • Communicate with customers, constituents, and organization members
  • Market your products online
  • Distribute important news about your business
  • Drive customers to your retail location
  • Announce and promote special offers
  • Deliver subscription based services
  • Distribute e-coupons
  • Manage online fundraising
  • Create e-mail based surveys
  • Enhance customer and product support
  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Generate traffic to your website
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"Our business is media, communications, politics and fundraising. Budgets are always tight, development and turn around time must be instant, and we need the ability to communicate to the masses or targeted groups with generic or personalized messaging in a swift, concise, and sometimes visually attractive ways. Send and Respond meets our every need and often exceeds our high expectation."

John Helmholdt, Partner

Strategic Communications Group LLC